Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Toons: B. C.: The First Thanksgiving (1973)

After working with Chuck Jones at MGM on Tom & Jerry and at UPA on Mr. Magoo, Abe Levitow struck out on his own in 1973, adapting Johnny Hart's comic strip, B. C., with a Thanksgiving theme.

B. C.: The First Thanksgiving features Daws Butler, doing a mild Jack Benny mimic, as B. C.. Other than that, the usual day-by-day gags from the strip come to life. Singer-actress Joanie Sommers ("Johnny Get Angry") voices both the "Cute Chick" and "Fat Broad", who wouldn't be given those particular appellations if the strip had been created in more recent times.

B. C. would return in a Christmas special 8 years later, with the comedy team of Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding in the cast.

Rating: B.

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